Flint Welding Saturday schedule changes to being open the first and third Saturday of the month. Beginning March 2, 2024.

About Us

Steve and Alice Budae evolved a garage-based business into a multi-million dollar a year corporation. Steve delivered the first loads of oxygen and acetylene in the back of a 1935 Buick Coupe. Steve stated, “back then, all you needed was a torch, a set of regulators, welding gases, a little welding experience, a lot of hard work and you were in the welding supply business.” Business growth and an advancing technology has moved us far beyond this basic approach.

Now with our user friendly web based store we are reaching customers coast to coast with the same great service and customer care we are known for locally. You will find our website easy to navigate so can quickly make your order and count on its safe arrival. If you need to chat or speak to a live individual we are never more than a phone call away.

Steve Budae envisioned giving the best service to all customers large and small with high quality products. This vision is carried out by a third generation of Budaes who have entered into the welding business. This ensures a strong future for our excellent staff and devoted customers. Our pledge is to supply a high quality product with the best service.